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The Importance of Maintaining Trees on Your Property

If you are a property owner, maintaining your trees and land has many benefits:

  • Improves the appearance of your home or business
  • Creates better views and skylines
  • Increases the value of your property
  • Decreases wildfire risk
  • Protects structures from encroaching tree limbs and roots
  • Reduces roof cleanup from fallen leaves and twigs
  • Makes room and creates light for gardens and property interior
  • Eliminates habitat for unwanted vermin and insects
  • Removes safety hazards like falling branches

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18 meter Eucalyptus Tree gone in 9 secs


Tree Pruning

Wolf Trees and Gardens provides tree pruning service to restore the beauty of your trees and keep them in their best health. You will be amazed at how this work transforms the look of your property, making it more inviting and enjoyable! And tree pruning also reduces many hazards and makes less work for you.

Do you have a tree that needs some crown lifting or thinning out? We can do that for you. We can perform height reductions and selective pruning. Additionally, Wolf Trees and Gardens removes palm tree seed pods and dead fronds, making your palm trees tidier, healthier, and less inviting to unwanted critters.

We’re pleased to help with hedge trimming, topping, and side or face reductions too.

Tree Removal

Sometimes a tree cannot be saved, and it must be removed for a variety of reasons:

  • Storm damage
  • Disease or tree death
  • Infestation
  • Root or limb encroachment
  • Need for more sunlight
  • Renovation
  • Overcrowding

Removing a damaged or dead tree can be risky and is not a DIY job. We can remove trees safely and efficiently, sparing you the hazards and the headaches.

Stump Grinding

Old tree stumps may seem like a nuisance on your property, but they can actually be a problem or even a danger.
Why should you seriously consider getting rid of tree stumps on your property?

  • They take up space that could be better utilised for landscaping, outdoor dining, parking, and the like.
  • They can cause accidents when people run into them.
  • Stumps are a hazard to lawn maintenance equipment.
  • New, unhealthy trees can sprout from the old stump.
  • The disintegrating wood attracts insects.

Removing and grinding an old stump will make your yard look more attractive. You’ll also enjoy a less hazardous outdoor space.

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Rather than trying to do this work yourself, which can be time-consuming and dangerous, why not call a team of pros who has all the necessary equipment and expertise? Our client testimonials and ratings speak for themselves, and we’re happy to come out and give you a free quote for our work.

Other benefits of using Wolf Trees and Gardens:

  • We provide free, fast quotes for all jobs within two business days.
  • Our team is fully insured and qualified.
  • We offer free cleanup, so you’re not left with a mess.
  • All green waste is appropriately recycled.
  • You get great value for your money as a property owner.

No job is too difficult for us! We’ve built a reputation as the ones to call when tree service needs to be done in tight spaces or on properties with difficult parking. You can rely on Wolf Trees and Gardens to get the job done right every time for you in Oatley.

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