Removal of Gum Tree in Gymea

Arborists cutting down dead gum tree in residential backyard

There is no doubt that the sight of a gum tree is iconically Australian and forms an integral part of the Australian identity. In fact, the government encourages the protection of trees, and many councils like the Sutherland Shire council are strategically planning to make sure trees remain a distinctive part of Sutherland Shire’s character. […]

Storm Damage in Enmore

removal of a large tree damaged in a storm

When you live in an inner Sydney neighbourhood such as Enmore, being surrounded by greenery is important, not only as greenery produces oxygen for all air-breathing life but for privacy and because it is beautiful to look out on. Unfortunately, sometimes, there is a downside to being surrounded by greenery, which is what residents in […]

Council Tree Removal Regulations in Sutherland Shire

arborists assessing the situation prior to removal of large tree

In June 2017, the Sutherland Shire Council relaxed some of its tree removal regulations to allow private property owners more control over the vegetation on their property. These new regulations walk a fine line between protecting both the area’s magnificent canopy and its residents’ properties. Council advised residents to familiarise themselves with the new statutes […]

Tree Removal Costs in Sydney

arborist cutting a big tree in a residential backyard

Tree felling isn’t a job for an amateur. In addition to knowing the local statutes that apply to tree felling—and there are plenty in most communities—only trained arborists have the knowledge to do the job safely without causing damage to your property. Tree removal costs in Sydney vary by arborist but they also vary by […]

Tree Removal in Bundeena

Jonnie from Wolf Trees climbing Norfolk Pine in Bundeena

The owner of a holiday house in Bundeena contacted Wolf Trees & Gardens to remove a tree that was within 2 meters of the property boundary. The tree removed was a Norfolk Island Hibiscus (Lagunaria Patersonia). The job was completed quickly and all the debris was hiked back to the top of the hill. It […]